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missfahrenheit's Journal

I am a satellite, I'm out of control
22 August
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, 10p crisps, a healthy sense of paranoia, adventure, aesthetically pleasing things, alan menken's work with disney, ankh morpork city watch, anxiety in general, autumn, bbc comedy, beads, being too naïve for my own good, bongos, books, british cinema, cameras, captain tightpants, carnivorous flamingos, chatham, checking wardrobes for narnia, chocolate covered pretzels, darren hayes, depression, derren brown, discworld, disney, dressing up, elderflower cordial, fairytale cliches, fairytales, fancy dress, feathers, film studies, films with cult followings, finding nemo, firefly, fizzy grape juice, found playing cards, generally being a little inept, gryffindor, guiltily reading fashion magazines, guster, harry potter, harry potter playing cards, hester shaw, hot chocolate with marshmallows, house md, hugs, hungering after artistic ability, independent film making, inflatable cheese of justice, irreverence, jasper fforde, joseph campbell, juggling, jumping on bandwagons, kent, knowing where my towel is, lasers, letters, libraries, little shop of horrors, lolcats, london, long grass, love (i'm predictable), lucifer in the sky with diamonds, lush, maid marian and her merry men, mangoes, medway, misplaced anxiety, moths, musicals, mythology, neighbours, never mind the buzzcocks, new book smell, ni!, origami stars, overpriced alternatives to alcohol, pantomimes, passionfruit drizzle cake, perfectly placed anxiety, phobophobia, photography, plush unicorns, poi, post!, pretending to be intellectual, pretending to be decadent and debauched, pushing daisies, putney, qi, queen, rain, roehampton, roehampton university, runaways, sam vimes, sauntering vaguely downwards, savage garden, scandinavian marionette movies, screenwriting, second-hand bookshops, sequins, shakeaway, shiny things, singing from rooftops, sirius black, slightly inappropriate romanticism, sparkly tiaras, spiderman, star wars, stars, strings, sunshine, surprises (nice ones), swings and roundabouts, the bbc, the fall, the feeling, the middleman, the once and future king, the princess diaries, the tardis, the hero with a thousand faces, the jack bauer power hour, things that are yellow, things that autofocus properly, thursday next, time travel, too much tv, top gear, unexpected postcards, university, valhalla and the lord of infinity, vladimir propp, walking barefoot through london, wings, wonderfalls